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Building Control Search

Use this screen to search our recent building control application records by a combination of search criteria.

To search the database you can enter values in more than one field if required and the search will return all records that meet all the criteria set. The system will also display notifications from Competent Persons such as FENSA registered contractors, but the information from them may not always be complete.

To enter partial information you can use the % sign. For example, to display a list of a Full Plans applications received in 2011 enter BR%11

You can enter as much or as little information as you like, taking the following into account.

  • Where available, click the down arrow to the right of a field to open a selection list. Click the required choice.
  • Click the button next to one of the date search fields as appropriate. The Dates not Applicable button will be selected automatically if no date search is chosen.
  • Enter dates in the format DD-MM-YYYY (e.g.21-03-2006).
  • Planning application numbers all include prefix letters, and some may rarely include suffix letters. The application number is always four digits, and the year is always two digits (ie NNNN/YY) If you cannot find the application number you need it may be worth searching using wildcards as follows %NNNN%YY% (for example %1234%07%)

Click Search. When the search is complete the results will be displayed on the screen.

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